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Alex Turnbull

Posted on 12 October 2016


Contouring is sculpting, shaping, and defining your features. It adds dimension to your face.
The basic approach is apply the darker shades to areas of the face you want to recede, create depth and definition and add highlight to areas you want to accentuate and make pop!


TOOLS: A brush (preferably flat to or angled to allow even application and precise blending) or makeup sponge.


You will basically need three contouring shades: One two shades darker, one slightly darker, and a highlighting colour two shades lighter than your normal skin tone. To complete the process, you can add a touch of shimmer for a subtle glow.


Typically contouring follows universal areas of your face; forehead, cheeks, jawline and nose but the amount of product and specific application depends on your face shape.
Check out our easy to follow face map below:


Once you determine your face shape and have selected your preferable product and shades to apply, using the guided face map, you can start using the following simple steps:
• For a perfectly soft finish make sure that your complexion is really hydrated.
• Apply your foundation as you normally would before beginning to contour.
• Use the darker shades to chisel the hollows of the cheeks, contour the top of the forehead, along the jawline, sides and tip of the nose.

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• Use the highlight shade on the centre of the forehead (between the brows), cupids bow, under the eyes and bridge of the nose.
• Blend using your chosen makeup brush in gentle sweeping motions or make up sponge in dabbing motions to eliminate harsh lines. Ensure to blend down and into the neck for an even finish.
• You can also enhance the decolletage colour bones and cleavage with a touch of shimmer!

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• Add a touch of radiance to your face by sweeping a stroke of highlighter and blend gently. Try our creamy highlighters: no.4 Chubby Stick, No.6 Sweet Cheeks in Vanilla Ice or try our powder highlighters: Baked Box Halo or Shimmer Box Bronze!

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