Posted on 12 October 2016

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Hello to fierce eyebrows!

Shaped and defined eyebrows are an essential part of your daily makeup routine! Whether your look is simple and chic or dramatic and bold we have it covered!
Did you know that different eyebrow shapes can define your face in different ways? You can add dimension to your face and also add definition and colour intensity using our eyebrow products.

You can use a variety of products based on what you’re comfortable with. Finding the right product and shade is very important. We have a fantastic array of versatile eyebrow products so you can get it right!

Let’s get started…

Pluck out any stray hairs and tidy the brows (mini tweezers supplied in our Eyebrow Kit!)
Use brush or a pencil to see where your eyebrows should (1) start and (3) end, and where the (2) arch should go.

Make sure to choose the right shade for your hair colour, skin tone and the intensity of your completed look. Check out our simple table below:

1. Tidy your eyebrows using the mini brush
2. Using your starting point (1) draw a thin line using your chosen shade from this point to the arch (2) and continue to the end of your brow (3)
3. Starting a little further back than your starting point (1) again draw a thin line above your brow line, up to the arch (2) and tail off towards the end (of your brow (3) connecting the points
4. Fill in between the lines using upwards strokes to fill in the gaps and create colour. The more pressure you apply the darker and more dramatic your finish will be. Tip – if you need to lessen the colour, you can smudge it in slightly with the brow brush.

Check out the diagram below:

1. Apply the brow wax using the stiff end of the applicator provided.
2. Using the soft end of the applicator, begin to lightly fill in sparse areas with your chosen shade.
3. Once you have an even canvass you can add definition with more powder to achieve your desired

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1. Using your chosen shade, from the starting point (1) use light, feathery strokes to mimic you natural eyebrow hair
2. Continue to your natural arch (2) using upwards strokes. Use horizontal strokes to intensify the colour and even the tone of hairs that sit above your arch.
3. Complete the process to the end of your brow (3) building and adding dimension, thickness and colour to achieve your perfect HD finish.
4. To complete your brows and really make them stand out, use a white eyeliner (try or Double Ended Pencil in black/white), a sweep of shimmer eyeshadow/powder or a touch of creamy highlighter (try Sweet Cheeks in Vanilla Ice or No.4 Contour Chubby Stick) just under the brow.

Welcome to perfection!

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