Posted on 31 October 2016

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Bonfire night is full of sparks and bright colours, alongside the autumn leaf hues of golden yellows and reds it’s the perfect time the try something new, bright, metallic and stand out!


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Smokey eyes are back this winter season in many forms from bright and vivid to dark and intense; read about all the autumn eye looks in our Winter Eyes article!

For this fireworks night why not try something more statemented, with some obvious added sparkle. 

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Why not try using our Posh Palette: Festival for some bright fun colours, reflecting the pop of colours from the fireworks! If you want a more subtle but striking look try going for our Posh Palette: Galaxy, its deeper nebula tones of purples and blues can still look magnificent but also have subtler undercurrents of mystery and seduction as opposed to the bright colours which carry a much more lively attitude. Adding to this look try our Glitter Liquid Liners in both Silver and Gold to add the spark to your look. If you want to try something really different you could also try using our Eye Primer and adding lose glitter or even gold leaf to the lids instead!

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The eyes in this look provide the smoke, the mystery and of course the spark but let your lips be the flame. Add some heat to the look with some sizzling hot red lips, be bold and go for highly pigmented red such as our Lips Matter – Bond, Mrs Bond lip cream or go for a deeper shade with Plumalicious Lipstick either one should ignite your look! 



To finish off this explosive look pay a little attention to your skin and highlight.  Try creating a luminous look with our chubby sticks highlighter, giving off a warm glow and healthy shimmer, it draws the look together.


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