Posted on 07 November 2016

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The Iconic Twiggy look is back! It’s the revival of the Sixties Doll Eyed long lash look! Whether you create it naturally, fake lash it, add a little colour or eyeliner this look is an essential for the winter season as it is making a return in a big way.


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This look only uses very minimal foundation and more focuses on a bare face with a hint of rose in the cheeks. To achieve this why not try using our Compact Face Powder and Baked Box Popsicle Pink  for this simple and bare face make up look.



Similarly, keep the eyebrows simple as the look purely want to draw attention to the eyes. Shape and define your brows lightly using our HD Eyebrow Liner and Eyebrow Kit.


To capture the Twiggy look and enhance the doll like eye, add a touch of pearl or white eyeshadow across the lids and also to the corners, inner eye and underneath the eye to make them appear larger. Why not try our Posh Palette Eden for the lids and underneath the eye and our Double Ended shadow and eyeliner: White for the inner eye and corner highlight. 


Using an angled eyeshadow brush and a dark shade of eyeshadow from our Posh Palette Galaxy, line just above the crease of your eye and smudge lightly. This will again create the illusion of bigger eyes and further enhance the doll look.



Using our HD Felt Tip Eyeliner; line your top lashes starting thin at the inner eye and gradually getting thicker towards the edge but still keeping fairly close to the lash line. Extend the line at both ends, slightly at the inner eye and at the outer eye bring the line out to meet the line of the crease.


For this look you can use fake eyelashes but they are not essential. Using only mascara try our Lash 2 The Max Mascara, first curl your eyelashes and then apply your first coat of mascara, then blink the excess mascara onto a piece of tissue, wait for the coat to dry and reapply!  


Also coat the bottom lashes with a couple of coats mascara.  If you are feeling brave and want to go all out grab instead our HD Felt Tip Eyeliner. Using the eyeliner mark out dots evenly spaced along the bottom lash line then draw in your lashes from these, starting wide and tapering the ends to look like eyelashes.



As this look draws all the attention to the eyes go for a nude lip look in order to keep the focus at the dramatic eyes. Try using Lips Matter Get Your Nude On or Chelsea Lipstick!




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