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An expertly designed and crafted Twelve Piece Collection of makeup must-haves. Our brushes are stylish, functional and promise to deliver professional results; from blush to bronze, contour to sculpt, define to highlight and precision to blend.  Cruelty Free, Vegan and made with the highest quality synthetic hair, we have everything covered!

no.1 - Large Powder Brush

Swirl a small amount of your desired face powder/bronzer into the brush, tap lightly to remove excess product. Lightly sweep the brush onto the face and décolletage to achieve your desired look.

no.2 - Large Blush Brush

Apply powder, blush, or bronzer with this large brush and blend into facial curves for your desired finish.

no.3 - Flat-top Buffing/Blending Brush

Squeeze foundation onto the back of your hand, pick up the product gradually and sweep all over the face in circular motions. Add product for more coverage or buff in for a more natural look.

no.4 - Foundation Brush

Squeeze your chosen foundation onto the back of your hand, dab in the brush and sweep foundation over the face.

no.5 - Contour/Powder Brush

Apply chosen product to the face with brush and buff onto the skin in a circular motion. Continue to apply product for fuller coverage.

no.6 - Flat Contour/Blending Brush

Apply product on the sides of the brush for a natural blend of colour or use the top of the brush for fuller coverage. Blending using back and forth motions to diffuse harsh lines for a flawless contoured complexion.

no.7 - Shading Brush

Apply colour to the crease of the eyelid using back and forth motions with the brush and blend to desired finish.

no.8 - Small Flat Blending/Shading Brush

Use to apply and blend together one or more eye-shadows using sweeping strokes across the eyelid.

no.9 - Small Flat Blending/Shading Brush2

Use to apply and blend your chosen product over the eyelid and brow bone, and along the lash line.

no.10 - Short Shading Brush

Press a clean brush over the hard edge of a liner and apply to the lash line, smudge and sweep outwards to blend.

no.11 - Short Angled Brush

Apply chosen product with brush tip, using short, smooth strokes to define lash line or brows. Tip: Dampen the tip before dipping into product for more intense colour pay-off.

no.12 - Eyeliner/Lipliner Brush

Use with our Pro Gel eyeliner - dip the point of brush into the jar and apply in short, even strokes close to lash line, from the inner to outer eye corner. For use with powder shadow - wet brush and with the tip, make an "x" in the eye shadow to pick up colour. Use smooth strokes to line lids close to base of lashes, going from inner to outer corner. Tip: you can also use with your chosen Beauty UK Lipstick to line and define your lips.

Hair: Nylon , Ferrule: Aluminium , Handle: Wood


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